For most of us, our car is one of our most prized possessions apart from its usability that we depend so much on. Even when all of your car’s functionalities seem to be working perfectly fine, it is crucial to make sure some unseen parts and problems are not allowed to grow into some major problems. This will require regular check-ups with your trusted repair service provider.

Poor mileage, gear problems, scratches etc need to be fixed as soon as possible if you want your car to last longer without giving any major hiccups. Repair and maintenance of your automobile are crucial in the process of ensuring the longevity of your car’s life span. Thus, the right choice of an auto repair service provider who is trusted and understands your car well is very important.


Here are a few pointers you can keep in mind when looking for an auto repair serviceman

  • Ask Around: There could be nothing more trustworthy than getting reviews and recommendations from your friends and family since they have been customers at the recommended place themselves. You would get first-hand feedback about the service quality, availability of spare parts, delivery time etc of the particular auto serviceman they would be recommending. Also, you could always get back to the person who recommended you in case of a service hiccup, so they could give you tips on tactics that could better the delivery and the service. There are chances you might even get a good deal when recommended through someone close to you.
  • Check Owner’s Manual and Seek Help from Your Car Dealer: Usually, the car manual would have a section that lists out trusted and authorized auto repair centers for your particular model. The dealer from who the car was purchased will also be able to give you reliable information on the best auto service repair people around. It would be even more helpful to understand your car by patiently going through the manual so you would know exactly what kind of parts your car is made of, and then talk to your dealer about the places where these spare parts are available. Usually, the company service stations would have the necessary parts, but since most other service stations source parts from them, it is very likely they run out themselves. Hence, make sure you get a list of the other service stations as well.
  • See if they are certified – A lot of car companies provide certification for repair and servicing of their cars. There are also a host of certifications like NAPA, AA, Autocare, ASP, Parts Plus, ASP, Delco etc. These certifications indicate that they have satisfied customers and that their services have been examined closely, and found to be of expected level.
  • The expertise of Servicemen: If recommended an auto service provider, ask about the servicemen and their skills. Mention you would like your car being serviced by the particular person recommended. Make sure the serviceman actually knows his job, and that can be done by asking him some basic questions about your car.
  • Take One Step at a time: Give your service man one little job that cannot cause too much harm, even if he screws it up. Once you see that the small servicing is done as per your expectations, your faith would naturally increase, and you could them allow him to work on other things.