Small family-sized cars are bought by a diverse range of people, so in order to meet all those needs, the cars need to be able to do a lot. Not only must they be able to move the family around quickly, safely and comfortably, they also need to be incredibly practical. And as with a lot of things nowadays they also need to have a high-quality interior while also being affordable to buy with good everyday running costs.

So what can possibly fit this tight brief? Well, there are a number of cars that would seem to but just recently one, in particular, seems to be edging ahead.


Audi A3 Sportback

It is surprising to some that this car beats some of its peers on price alone. When you look at its rivals, such as the VW Golf, you can understand that the Audi has some pretty stiff competition and all of them set a high standard, especially as the Golf has been much improved recently. Although they both share the same mechanics the character of these two cars is remarkably different, however, they are both outstanding to drive and to own. The Audi noses ahead by the fortune of its exhilarating nature on the road and it sheer class, including attention to detail and interior materials that make it feel more like an executive car than a small family option.

If you do your research you may be able to find a good deal on a used Audi in Aberdeenshire, but if you cannot quite stretch to an Audi then here are some other great options for you.

Audi A3 Sportback


Kia Cee’d

For maximizing your money you will be hard pressed to beat the Kia. Offering an impressive 76mpg, the diesel version can be bought for around the same cost as most of this car’s rival manufacturer’s offer their petrol versions. Coupled with brilliantly low CO2 emissions you will find super cheap tax bandings. Along with this, you can expect a great standard of equipment, far more luxury than you perhaps would expect of a car in this class.

Safety is taken care of and the Kia has a unique warranty lasting seven years, giving a great sense of confidence that your car will last. Although this Cee’dmay does not offer the same levels of excitement or agility as some others you could do a lot worse than buy this great all-rounder.


Seat Leon

Sharing the same mechanicals as the aforementioned Golf and A3, this Leon has some serious pedigree and is good to drive. Most will be more than pleased with the agile steering and good body control along with the high level of comfort that you get. The purchase price of the Seat is low as are its running costs whilst the turbocharged petrol engine will furnish with a pretty decent performance. The only area where perhaps the lower purchase price is evident is in the Seat’s interior although it is still relatively classy.