Buying a Used Car – Private Sale or Dealership?

Buying a Used Car – Private Sale or Dealership?

If you are looking to buy a second-hand car, should you buy from a private seller or from a professional dealer?

The advantages of used car dealers

Second-hand car dealers hold several advantages compared to private sellers. Firstly, they may be able to offer you a warranty on your used car purchase. Secondly, they will be able to offer you a choice of cars and offer advice on which one is best for your own particular needs. Thirdly, dealerships can offer finance deals to help you with the cost of the car.

These days, most used car dealerships are trustworthy and have good reputations. Bear in mind when looking for a used car that prices will vary considerably depending on whereabouts in the country they are being sold from. For instance, the car dealers Dundee has to offer are likely to be able to offer more reasonable prices than car dealers in London.

The advantages of private sales

Private sales tend to be quite a bit cheaper than sales through dealerships. However, buying privately means that there is no chance of a warranty and sales tend to be very much ‘sold as seen’. Also, whereas dealers usually have their own mechanics to check their stock over and fix any problems, cars sold privately may have any number of minor glitches and may even have a major fault that is not apparent during the test drive.

All in all, car dealerships offer more advantages to the buyer than private sales normally do. Although private sales may be less expensive, the pitfalls of buying from an individual outweigh the cost savings in a lot of cases. Decent, reputable dealers are usually the best route to go down for those in the market for a new used car.

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