Buying a Used Car – Private Sale or Dealership?

Buying a Used Car – Private Sale or Dealership?

If you are looking to buy a second-hand car, should you buy from a private seller or from a professional dealer?

The advantages of used car dealers

Second-hand car dealers hold several advantages compared to private sellers. Firstly, they may be able to offer you a warranty on your used car purchase. Secondly, they will be able to offer you a choice of cars and offer advice on which one is best for your own particular needs. Thirdly, dealerships can offer finance deals to help you with the cost of the car.

These days, most used car dealerships are trustworthy and have good reputations. Bear in mind when looking for a used car that prices will vary considerably depending on whereabouts in the country they are being sold from. For instance, the car dealers Dundee has to offer are likely to be able to offer more reasonable prices than car dealers in London.

The advantages of private sales

Private sales tend to be quite a bit cheaper than sales through dealerships. However, buying privately means that there is no chance of a warranty and sales tend to be very much ‘sold as seen’. Also, whereas dealers usually have their own mechanics to check their stock over and fix any problems, cars sold privately may have any number of minor glitches and may even have a major fault that is not apparent during the test drive.

All in all, car dealerships offer more advantages to the buyer than private sales normally do. Although private sales may be less expensive, the pitfalls of buying from an individual outweigh the cost savings in a lot of cases. Decent, reputable dealers are usually the best route to go down for those in the market for a new used car.

Five reasons why buying a used car is the smarter choice

Five reasons why buying a used car is the smarter choice

There is lots of coverage in the media at the moment about the continued rise in new car sales. New car sales have been increasing for 29 consecutive months now and the increase shows no signs of slowing down. New cars are not for everyone, however, and there are some compelling reasons why buying a used car can make more sense for many buyers. Here are five reasons why buying a used car could be more attractive than buying new.


Purchase price

Even the cheapest new cars have fairly large sticker prices. The cheapest new car on sale today in the UK is the Dacia Sandero at £5,995 and for many people, this is just beyond their budget. On the other hand, you can get a great selection of used cars in Birmingham and elsewhere in the Midlands for that sort of price or even lower. Many people will also want to avoid taking out a loan to buy their car and a low cost used car is often the only way of achieving this.

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Get more for your money

The Dacio Sandero might be a decent motor, but it does not come with a great deal of it, and it is certainly not the most prestigious badge. If you decide to buy used, however, you can get quite a lot of car for that kind of money. Buying used means that you can balance buying an older, more prestige model with a newer, more modest one. These prestige marques often offer superb build quality, so buying an older model from one of these manufacturers can make practical sense as well as allowing you the pleasure of driving a smart motor.

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Avoid depreciation

Depreciation affects almost all cars, but it is most pronounced in the first year of the life of a new car. Many new cars will lose 30% of their value in the first year. Losses slow down after that, so buying a car that is a few years old can give you a better return when you come to sell it. If you buy a new car for £10,000 and sell it after one year, it will have cost you £3,000 in depreciation. Buy the same car at one-year-old for £7,000 and sell it after one year and it is likely to cost you closer to £1,400.

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Get the best of both worlds

Many people cite peace of mind as one of the main reasons for buying a new car. They come with comprehensive manufacturers’ warranties, so unpleasant surprises are unlikely. Many of these warranties now last five years or more, however, so you can buy a used car and still be protected by the balance of the warranty.



Go green

Much is made of the green credentials of new cars, but few manufacturers will tell you that as much CO2 is emitted in the production of a new car as is given out in the first 100,000 miles of its life. If you buy a used car, you don’t have to worry about any of that produce CO2, as it has already been manufactured.


Girl showing new car keys after buying it.

Why buy a used car instead of a brand new one?

Why buy a used car instead of a brand new one?

If you are considering buying a car, it can be well worth looking into secondhand vehicles, especially in the difficult economic climate. Here we have a look at some of the advantages of secondhand vehicles.



The biggest advantage of used cars is their lower cost when compared to brand new cars. New cars use a large proportion of their value in their first one or two years. This means that there can be some great bargains out there as even low mileage vehicles can be on the market at very low prices.

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Secondhand cars are generally cheaper to insure than their new equivalents as they are considered to be less attractive to vandals and thieves and are less valuable to replace.

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Honest Car Dealers

Most major cities have plenty of reputable secondhand car dealers to choose from when it comes to Used Cars Birmingham for example, is known to have lots of honest and competitively priced vendors. Secondhand car dealers are much more trustworthy than they used to be and the industry is much more regulated.

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Lose Less Money

As used cars depreciate significantly more slowly than new vehicles you tend to lose more money when you come to sell your car down the line. Used car buyers will generally recoup a higher percentage of their initial outlay once they come to sell it on.

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More options

The used car market stocks a massive range of cars because it can include all cars from all years. Obviously, the new car market is much narrower in terms of choice. If you shop around then you should eventually be able to find most makes and models out there somewhere.

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Extended warranties

Manufacturers’ warranties used to only apply to the first owner of a car but these days more and more automobile makers are including transferable warranties with their used cars. Warranties are also getting longer in length with seven-year guarantees now provided by some manufacturers. This makes secondhand cars even more attractive. Some dealerships will also provide their own warranties.

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Modern cars are very very reliable and have a much longer life than could have been expected of cars produced 10 or 20 years ago. Again, this makes used cars more appealing and decreases the risk for seller’s wanting to include a warranty with their vehicle. Replacement parts are also much cheaper than they once were, especially for popular brands such as Ford.

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Because secondhand cars have been on the market for a while, any recurrent faults will have had time to surface. With new vehicles, any inherent faults will not have emerged yet.

Looking at the evidence above, it is hard to see a real reason why you wouldn’t opt for a secondhand vehicle. Some may worry about being ripped off but if you stick to a reputable seller and check the history of the car then there is no reason why buying used should be in any way risky.

What’s Behind the Boom in Used Car Sales?

What’s Behind the Boom in Used Car Sales?

The used car market in the UK is currently booming. Here, we look at some of the reasons for the upturn in second-hand car sales as well as some of the advantages of buying a used vehicle.


Why is the second-hand car market doing so well?

One of the main reasons for the current popularity of used vehicles is the prevailing economic climate in the UK. Simply put, people are being more careful with the money they have and they also tend to be saving more in case of further economic decline. Brand new cars are becoming more of an expensive luxury than a matter of course.

But this isn’t the only reason that used car sales are doing so well; another is the increased reliability of modern cars. This has improved markedly over the last ten years or so and it is now common for cars with over 80,000 miles on the clock to perform just as well as they did when new. Cars made these days may well reach over 100,000 miles without developing any major faults, as long as they are looked after and serviced regularly of course. Clearly, this makes a used car a much more attractive proposition than the clapped out bangers of old.

Another reason is the improved reputation of used car dealers. The traditional ‘Arthur Daley’ types have been replaced with modern, professional vendors to whom reputation is everything. If you are unsure about whether a garage has a good reputation or not, it is worth looking online for impartial reviews from previous customers into their service and the experience they received.

Used cars are also made more attractive by the fact that more and more car makers are now offering transferable warranties with their new cars. In the past, a warranty only applied to the first owner but many can now be transferred to any subsequent owners within the duration of the warranty. The length of warranties has also increased with 7 year/100,000 mile warranties now available with some car brands.


What are the advantages of buying a used car?

The main and most obvious advantage of buying second hand is the reduced price. Even very low mileage cars can be picked up at a fraction of the new cost.

Further still, a used car will depreciate much less than a brand new one. This means that it will lose less of a proportion of its value over the same time period. So if you come to sell the car on after a few years, you shouldn’t lose out too much.

The second-hand car market can also offer a greater choice than the new market as all models and makes from years gone by are available.


Perfect Car Parts for Hassle-Free Driving

Perfect Car Parts for Hassle-Free Driving

Your body is a complex combination of a number of parts and organs. Their functions are interdependent and therefore, every part of the body needs to be perfectly maintained. Similarly, your car, although looks simple and aesthetic externally, it is a complex combination of a number of parts and components that need to be perfectly maintained if you want a ‘hassle-free’ drive. The engine is the heart of your car that moves by ‘internal combustion’ of gasoline.

Car driving is not just putting on the switch and steering to anywhere you want. Your car may be hesitant to take you where to like to go if you do not take remedial measures at the right time. There are enough symptoms where your car may be saying, “I want intervening care”. From the symptoms briefed below, you should be able to know, which car parts need special attention or replacement.



  • If you are experiencing difficulties in steering in a straight line, some of the components of the steering wheel might have been worn out; such as the idler or the ball joint. The front wheels might have also been misaligned.
  • In case you find your car tending to pull to the right or to the left, it might be due to under-inflated tire. There might also be serious damage to misalignment of the front end.
Woman in car giving thumbs up


Ride and Handling

  • If you experience in cornering, it might be due to worn out shock absorbers or other components of the suspension. Replacement of shock absorbers or struts does not have any time-bounding. To be sure, you may bounce the vehicle up and down hard at each wheel and then leave it. If the shocks are weak, your car will bounce twice or more.
  • If one corner of your car lowers down, the springs need to be replaced.
  • If the tires are not balanced properly, your car may vibrate and may wear the steering and suspension components, calling for a premature replacement.



Defects in the brake could be diagnosed from the following symptoms

  • When you apply the brake, your car pulls you to one side
  • The pedal of brake sinks down to the floor when you press it
  • Scrapping or grinding sound is heard while putting the brake
Driving Brakes



You can smell a rat if the car engine shows the following symptoms.

  • Difficulty to start
  • Rough stalling or idling
  • Increase in fuel consumption
  • A drop in usual acceleration
  • Increased use of lubricating oil
  • Continued running of the engine even after taking out the key



The following are the symptoms of problems in the transmission

  • Abrupt shifting of gears
  • Non-response to gear shifting
  • Slipping during acceleration
Change of Gear


You may need immediate troubleshooting if you find malfunctioning of any of the car parts such as alternator, battery, starter, muffler, tune-up or court. Your perfect destination for ‘shooting’ any of the car defects mentioned above will be Car Part Kings, wherefrom you can get the best services for making your car perfect for a ‘hassle-free driving’.

5 Trusted Tips to Choose the Right Auto Repair Services for Your Vehicle

5 Trusted Tips to Choose the Right Auto Repair Services for Your Vehicle

For most of us, our car is one of our most prized possessions apart from its usability that we depend so much on. Even when all of your car’s functionalities seem to be working perfectly fine, it is crucial to make sure some unseen parts and problems are not allowed to grow into some major problems. This will require regular check-ups with your trusted repair service provider.

Poor mileage, gear problems, scratches etc need to be fixed as soon as possible if you want your car to last longer without giving any major hiccups. Repair and maintenance of your automobile are crucial in the process of ensuring the longevity of your car’s life span. Thus, the right choice of an auto repair service provider who is trusted and understands your car well is very important.


Here are a few pointers you can keep in mind when looking for an auto repair serviceman

  • Ask Around: There could be nothing more trustworthy than getting reviews and recommendations from your friends and family since they have been customers at the recommended place themselves. You would get first-hand feedback about the service quality, availability of spare parts, delivery time etc of the particular auto serviceman they would be recommending. Also, you could always get back to the person who recommended you in case of a service hiccup, so they could give you tips on tactics that could better the delivery and the service. There are chances you might even get a good deal when recommended through someone close to you.
  • Check Owner’s Manual and Seek Help from Your Car Dealer: Usually, the car manual would have a section that lists out trusted and authorized auto repair centers for your particular model. The dealer from who the car was purchased will also be able to give you reliable information on the best auto service repair people around. It would be even more helpful to understand your car by patiently going through the manual so you would know exactly what kind of parts your car is made of, and then talk to your dealer about the places where these spare parts are available. Usually, the company service stations would have the necessary parts, but since most other service stations source parts from them, it is very likely they run out themselves. Hence, make sure you get a list of the other service stations as well.
  • See if they are certified – A lot of car companies provide certification for repair and servicing of their cars. There are also a host of certifications like NAPA, AA, Autocare, ASP, Parts Plus, ASP, Delco etc. These certifications indicate that they have satisfied customers and that their services have been examined closely, and found to be of expected level.
  • The expertise of Servicemen: If recommended an auto service provider, ask about the servicemen and their skills. Mention you would like your car being serviced by the particular person recommended. Make sure the serviceman actually knows his job, and that can be done by asking him some basic questions about your car.
  • Take One Step at a time: Give your service man one little job that cannot cause too much harm, even if he screws it up. Once you see that the small servicing is done as per your expectations, your faith would naturally increase, and you could them allow him to work on other things.