Why Buy Genuine OEM Car Parts Over Cheaper Aftermarket Parts

Why Buy Genuine OEM Car Parts Over Cheaper Aftermarket Parts

If you’re either needing to carry out a repair on your vehicle or are simply looking to carry out routine maintenance in the form of a service, changing brake pads or even just an oil change, you’re generally faced with a few options. First things first, you can simply leave it to the professionals and take your car to your local garage (either the main dealer or your local independent garage), however, this can end up being costly and, with many of us facing a difficult few years financially, this can often be a struggle. Of course, the other, an increasingly more popular option, is to purchase the parts you need and carry out the work yourself. Whilst it will often take longer for you to carry out repairs and maintenance work on your car yourself, so long as you’re patient and spend time researching the best way to approach it, you shouldn’t run into any problems. It’ll save you a small fortune and, once you’ve completed the work, it’s a satisfying thing to have said you’ve done…even if it’s the smallest of jobs.

Of course, if you do decide to carry out repairs and maintenance yourself, you’ll generally need to purchase the parts before doing so and this is where many fall into needing to make a difficult decision. Whilst you’d think it was as easy as simply going out and buying the parts you need, you’ll need to choose whether you purchase genuine OEM parts or opt for aftermarket parts. However, if you just think of car parts like car parts and have absolutely no idea what the difference between OEM and aftermarket is, we’ve teamed up with genuine Honda parts dealer, Cox Motor Parts to take a look at this in a little more detail.


What Are OEM Parts?

Genuine OEM car parts are those manufactured or supplied by the vehicle manufacturer themselves. In order to purchase OEM parts you’ll need to buy either from the main dealer or an associated reseller and the parts available will ALWAYS be marked as either OEM or genuine. In short, OEM parts are those which were either in your vehicle as new or, in cases where they’re not available, those supplied as replacement parts by the manufacturer themselves.


What Are Aftermarket Parts?

Aftermarket car parts, on the other hand, are those which are classed as replacement parts but are NOT supplied by the vehicle manufacturer. Generally, any you buy which aren’t from the main dealer will be classed as aftermarket parts and you’ll usually find they’re a little bit cheaper. Of course, when you’re buying car parts, however, a price shouldn’t necessarily be the main buying point.

Aftermarket Parts


Why Buy OEM?

As far as we’re concerned, you should ALWAYS purchase OEM parts when carrying out repairs or maintenance on your car, if only for the fact that these are those guaranteed to maintain the level of performance. Why would you want to compromise the performance of your car for the sake of a few quid? It’s simple…you wouldn’t!

Whilst you may save a few quid here and there on the cost of aftermarket parts, in many cases, they won’t last as long as OEM parts and, as such, won’t work out cheaper in the long run.


Your vehicle was supplied with certain parts inside it so why risk using anything other than that which was intended to be in place?

Best Small Family Cars of 2013

Best Small Family Cars of 2013

Small family-sized cars are bought by a diverse range of people, so in order to meet all those needs, the cars need to be able to do a lot. Not only must they be able to move the family around quickly, safely and comfortably, they also need to be incredibly practical. And as with a lot of things nowadays they also need to have a high-quality interior while also being affordable to buy with good everyday running costs.

So what can possibly fit this tight brief? Well, there are a number of cars that would seem to but just recently one, in particular, seems to be edging ahead.


Audi A3 Sportback

It is surprising to some that this car beats some of its peers on price alone. When you look at its rivals, such as the VW Golf, you can understand that the Audi has some pretty stiff competition and all of them set a high standard, especially as the Golf has been much improved recently. Although they both share the same mechanics the character of these two cars is remarkably different, however, they are both outstanding to drive and to own. The Audi noses ahead by the fortune of its exhilarating nature on the road and it sheer class, including attention to detail and interior materials that make it feel more like an executive car than a small family option.

If you do your research you may be able to find a good deal on a used Audi in Aberdeenshire, but if you cannot quite stretch to an Audi then here are some other great options for you.

Audi A3 Sportback


Kia Cee’d

For maximizing your money you will be hard pressed to beat the Kia. Offering an impressive 76mpg, the diesel version can be bought for around the same cost as most of this car’s rival manufacturer’s offer their petrol versions. Coupled with brilliantly low CO2 emissions you will find super cheap tax bandings. Along with this, you can expect a great standard of equipment, far more luxury than you perhaps would expect of a car in this class.

Safety is taken care of and the Kia has a unique warranty lasting seven years, giving a great sense of confidence that your car will last. Although this Cee’dmay does not offer the same levels of excitement or agility as some others you could do a lot worse than buy this great all-rounder.


Seat Leon

Sharing the same mechanicals as the aforementioned Golf and A3, this Leon has some serious pedigree and is good to drive. Most will be more than pleased with the agile steering and good body control along with the high level of comfort that you get. The purchase price of the Seat is low as are its running costs whilst the turbocharged petrol engine will furnish with a pretty decent performance. The only area where perhaps the lower purchase price is evident is in the Seat’s interior although it is still relatively classy.

The Best New Subaru Models On Sale Now

The Best New Subaru Models On Sale Now

The Subaru BRZ is a sports coupe that combines fun handling with stunning good looks and decent overall performance. It has a compact 2.0L engine and rear wheel drive, achieving 0-60 in just over 7 seconds without too much effort. Where this car really comes into its own is on twisty country roads and it was very much designed for people with a passion for driving and a desire for sports handling.

Compromise comes in the form of limited room for back seat passengers but the boot space is sizeable, making the BRZ practical despite its cool looks and performance. Fuel consumption is an impressively high 30’s mpg (even higher in the automatic version) and at under £25,000 for the standard model, this is widely held to be one of the best cars in its class. If you’re not quite ready for the tame family hatchback, this is definitely a car to consider.

Subaru Impreza

For the full rally experience, few cars have ever come close to the Subaru Impreza in terms of performance or handling. The Impreza’s four-wheel-drive system delivers enough power to the road to launch you in the direction of the horizon, but the handling and steering are so finely balanced that they more than match the power output. There is every chance that your nerve will fail you long before you reach the car’s boundaries.

In other ways, however, the behavior of the Impreza is no more challenging than any other mid-sized saloon or estate. The ride is sporty to firm in feel, but not unsympathetic and there is ample space for front and rear passengers plus a decent boot space for luggage. Impreza’s are renowned for their reliability but with all that power they are by no means the most economical run-about in town. Buyers considering new Subaru in London will find that Impreza prices range from £17,000 to £24,000, remarkably affordable, given the Impreza’s pedigree and performance.

Subaru Impreza


Subaru Legacy Outback

If practicality is more of an issue, the Subaru Legacy Outback is the perfect SUV about town, loaded with kids and baggage. It is equally at home off-road for some weekend fun. On the road, it drives like any other larger family car with the positive ride and balanced steering you would expect from a Subaru. The clever design of the Legacy Outback provides it with special reinforcements and ground clearance to allow it to easily master tougher terrain without missing a beat.

Available in both petrol and diesel versions this is a cross-over vehicle with permanent all-wheel drive, allowing it to seamlessly slip from city traffic to open countryside. In every department, the Outback screams practicality, with its spacious Volvo-esque estate car format and a go-anywhere quality that has as much to offer families as it does weekend explorers.

Subaru Legacy Outback


Evan Hall has been a motoring journalist who loves reviewing cars for a living. Whilst searching for a new Subaru in London he carried out extensive research into the entire model range and its performance.

Nine Essential Tips for Handling a Forklift Safely

Nine Essential Tips for Handling a Forklift Safely

Forklift handling isn’t that simple as it seems to be; however, with some experience, it is possible to master the same. To help safe handling, here are some tips to avoid forklift accidents.


Majority of Accidents Happen Due to Overturning

If you look at the fatalities happening across the globe, you would come to know that accidents happen due to overturning, while other causes being staffs struck by materials, forklifts, etc. For detailed guidance about onsite support and forklift safety and regulations, you can contact your local distributor partner. Gwent Mechanical Handling is a reputed supplier of forklift trucks, equipment, and materials in Bristol, South Wales; the company also provides forklift for sale, and hire, alongside providing maintenance, and repair services.


Qualified Operators

Operation of forklifts should be done by only professionals, who have enough experience, and those who’ve been trained rigorously. The staff members should also hold a license to operate the model. Only those who are licensed, authorized, and trained should operate forklift materials and equipment. Even the health and safety commission demands that a certain set of the legal standard of training people should be given before allowing people to operate lift trucks.


Identifying Hazards

Take time to review the possible hazards and know ways to avoid them. Losing part or tipping over the load is a common cause of damages; know the capacity limit of the load to understand the weight and size of your load. Avoid loose materials, holes, and bumps; be careful on a slippery floor.

Slow the lift truck and use a horn to close the doors, entrances, exits, corners, and pedestrian walkways. Be cautious about uneven grounds, loose objects, and slippery grounds when moving a load.


Appropriate Clothing

The operator should wear the correct clothes, including hi-visibility jackets, safety shoes, and hard hat. The outfit should fit you appropriately, without being too loose or else you would get caught on machinery. Never operate a forklift with wet shoes, grease hands or else it’ll cause accidents.


Starting Off

Make sure that you’re sitting in a comfortable operating position and all controls are within your reach. Wear a safety belt at all times.


Observe Surrounding Operating

Follow all restrictions, regulations, and site rules and operate the forklift safely, if it’s designated roadways. Know all signs, such as clearance heights, and floor loading and keep a safe distance from corners.


Maintain Distance

Don’t drive a lift truck close to another object to avoid moving in an unpredictable manner. Ensure that there is enough space while stopping the truck.


Load Stability

Keep the load in the center as much as possible; never overload and move with load titled back to enhance the stability of the vehicle.


Clear Visibility

You need to have good forward visibility and a good view of the top or rack of a stack if the load is installed. Lack of clear visibility can create a lot of potential problems.



When refueling, ensure to park in the authorized or designated area and turn off the truck, before refueling to avoid any mishaps.

Keep these tips in mind each time you operate your forklift truck to ensure safety at all times.

How to Get the Best Rate on a Car Loan

How to Get the Best Rate on a Car Loan

Buying a new or used car can be one of the most important purchases for any consumer. A combination of enthusiasm, as well as limited research on the subject, leads to expensive loans that could mean payments exceeding the original value. Several methods give buyers a way of receiving the best possible rates on financing.


Consider Long Term Loans

The amount of time schedule for loan repayment can greatly influence prices. A longer period allows financing companies to present lower rates on a wide variety of loans. This is due to the amount of money that they can earn in addition to the original figure. Short term selections do not offer as many possibilities to gain extra income so figures can be significantly higher.


Monitor Credit Score

Any applicant is screened through various services that offer information on credit scores. Low numbers can lead to high rates as well as possible denials during application. These reports can vary greatly depending on the agency. Free access to these items is available several times a year for consumers. This is an important step towards maintaining a high score. Many people who share the same name could create confusion leading to false reports that feature greatly reduced scores.


Compare Offers

Deals, as well as other offers, provide rates that could significantly lower each payment. Begin by contacting bank and credit agencies to see what is currently available for customers. Certain dealerships may also have financing options that avoid outside companies. This allows them to present unique selections that fit each individual. Locations that give customers the opportunity to buy used cars often showcase their best vehicles with low financing specials. Keep in mind that certain fees could be added to the deal which may lead to more charges later. According to the New York Times, this is becoming a problem for buyers.


Small Down Payments

Large down payments are often considered a reason to give customers a higher rate on their loan. Choosing to pay only minimal amounts at the time of purchase allows any financing company to present better deals on their loans. The acceptable down payment varies depending on the make and model. Ask the dealership about their policies concerning this practice before deciding on a figure.


Know Current Financial Trends

This may seem like an uncommon addition, but stay informed about current events in the financial markets. Banks, as well as other lending institutions, make any evaluations based on changes in areas such as the stock market. Purchasing at the wrong time could mean higher rates based on unpopular decisions. Many websites provide a wide range of topics on the subject for the timeliest information.

A majority of consumers can save money on an auto loan by finding the best rate. These low figures may come from a variety of sources. Carefully look at each option to ensure it is right for the specific circumstances. Some choices may not be available in all locations due to state laws as well as other issues.

4 Essential Features of a Reliable Car Dealership

4 Essential Features of a Reliable Car Dealership

Car dealerships are all over the place. It is easy to find one in a specific locality. Each motor company launches new cars to cater to the demands of the customers and these showrooms are where one can go buy a car of his/her choice. These dealers also provide service for the brand they deal with.

Dealerships have the great responsibility of satisfying customers on their shoulders. In order to satisfy the customers, they ought to be reliable, and the following points will give you an idea of whether a dealer is reliable or not.


  • Total Price of the Vehicle: Often dealers try to fool the customer by listing only the basic cost of the vehicle. They do not include costs like insurance, taxes, and other charges. This gives a false figure in the minds of the customer and when he actually makes the payment, it turns out much more than what was mentioned. This is a major turnoff and should be avoided by a car dealership at all costs. Transparency always plays a key role in building trust with a customer.
  • Proper Advertising: Advertising should be straightforward and intuitive. It should make a long-lasting impact and should be such that the potential customers keep it in their awareness. So, the customer will definitely consider the brand when he makes his next purchase. Also, platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter can be leveraged for advertisement. It is of immense value to see how dealership like Carcraft has its own video online to make more people know about it. YouTube has some videos from Carcraft, which can give you an idea about effective advertising, and taking an innovative approach to reach out to the customers.
  • Test Drives: Provide test-drives, and lots of them. It does not cost much to offer test drives, but the returns of offering test-drive can be tremendously high. It is one opportunity where your sales executive and product can have a long-lasting impact on the customer. You can show off the unique features, take one-on-one feedback and also address concerns of the customer on-the-spot.
  • Polite Sales People Who Do Not Pressurize: The salespeople often try to create pressure on potential buyers to influence them to make the purchase. They often overlook the needs of the customer and tend to push forward something that they want to sell. Managers should try to train their salespeople so that they don’t do such things.


When these aspects are taken care of, it ensures that a dealer leaves a positive impact on the customer’s mind. This will ensure that people look out to these dealers when planning to purchase a car. It is not just a one-time purchase, but also a long-term relationship that a customer has with a dealer. There are servicing and lots of other occasions where a customer would want to get in touch with the dealer. So, dealers should look beyond the one-time purchase and aim at building a long-term relationship with customers.