Regardless of whether you live a mile or 50 miles from your place of work, you will need to get there one way or another. This is something vital to figure out especially when you start at a new place of employment. In fact, this is even sometimes a factor as to whether you accept a certain job opportunity!

It all comes down to convenience and cost, as these are both important factors in the overall decision. So it will be up to you to decide which mode of transport is the most suited to your commute. Here are just a few different methods you could choose from, although there may be more options than this in your local area; do a bit of research to find out more.



One of the most traditional ways to get to work is by car, especially for those living in rural areas. Buses and trains do not always operate from small villages and hamlets, and those that do may have sporadic timetables. That is why it is sensible to assess the feasibility of commuting by car for work, and if you don’t already have one – how you could buy one. So you might look at the Subaru dealers Glasgow has to offer or a Mini showroom in Canterbury, depending on what you want and where you live.



If you do live in an area that is serviced by a bus, you might find it the best option for your commute. This is more apparent for those who need to get into a city center, as many places in the UK have special bus lanes that will help you to get to your destination without hitting too much traffic. This means that your journey might be significantly shorter than if you were doing the same journey in the car.



For those traveling a longer distance, a train can be a sensible option to consider. This is because trains run to a schedule, meaning you are more likely to be in the same place at the same time on a daily basis. You will need to take into account the chances of delays now and again, but it could still be the quickest mode of transport the majority of the time.



If you want to get a bit of exercise and live within a five-mile radius of your place of work, you could always think about cycling. This all depends on how brave you are, as well as how responsible you can be on the roads. You should follow the Highway Code, as well as being courteous. Wearing hi-vis clothing is essential for safety too; so take this into account and it good is a good solution for your commute.



Finally, how about simply using your own two feet? Walking is an excellent form of exercise, and should also help to wake you up in the morning during your commute to the office. It is best to walk on a proper pavement if possible, and don’t take unnecessary risks by dashing across a busy road, especially when it is icy.