The advantages of owning a car extend beyond the mundane commute to work or trek to the supermarket. Car ownership offers the freedom to go where you want when you want and you want. Here are some of the top reasons that car ownership beats public transport.


Be Spontaneous

With a car at your fingertips, you can wake up one morning and go somewhere new. With a map or satnav you don’t even have to plan a journey in advance, just stick a pin in the map and head off to explore and discover. No pouring over timetables or route planners, no ticket booking or restrictions apply. Spontaneous journeys can be fun in themselves and the stunning scenery around Aberdeenshire cries out for exploration.


Be Adventurous

Honda Civic

The spirit of adventure burns in everyone’s heart and when you own a car any trip out can become an adventure. From castles and cliffs through to gardens and galleries, there are adventures to be had just a few miles from your door. You can easily drive to hundreds of destinations that public transport doesn’t reach and you can do it exactly when you want to. No waiting around and no restrictions.


Go Off-track

Cars With Numbers

One of the best things about driving your own car is that you make the decisions. Yes, you can be heading to an end destination, but you can decide how you get there. Going from A to B doesn’t always mean taking a straight through route; you can wind your way through pretty villages or along coastal roads and drink in the sights of the world around you. If you get a bit peckish or spot something curious along the way you can stop, fulfill your needs and then carry on at your leisure. If you’re feeling really adventurous you could even switch your vehicle to a 4×4 – then you can truly go off-track and explore less accessible parts of the county.


Load Up

Old Car

Cars can carry a lot more than just people. They can be loaded with belongings, making a day out that little bit easier to plan. If you fancy a picnic you can pack the boot with food, drink, blankets, and stools without the need to lug them very far or worry about how much you can carry. If you are not sure what the weather will do you can throw coats and boots in the back, safe in the knowledge that you are prepared for anything. And if you own a dog, you can transport him easily to brand new places for him to sniff and explore.


Things you can’t do with Public Transport

Public Transport

A life without a car can be very restrictive with no trips to the country, days on the beach or last-minute visits to old friends. Even the weekly shop is tricky without a car as you can be limited for choice and what you can carry.