A holiday on the roads around the world is an unforgettable experience for all. Whether you go to the sea or the mountains, summer is the ideal time to do this. Many choose to go by car to Greece, Turkey, Austria and elsewhere in Europe. For such a holiday is necessary to keep in mind a few tips to help you not only survive but also to reach your destination unharmed. Here are some of them!


Do not soar on the road in the peak season

Summer season is loved by everyone, but there are certain times when it’s recommended to stay away from roads. Of course, you want to avoid peak hour traffic when going through an urban area, but in general, you should avoid altogether in a case is possible. Avoid traveling when it’s very hot. Not only you will get rid of the discomfort caused by excessive heating of the car, but you will also save gasoline.


Go to service before departure

Maintenance of the vehicle is always important, but before going on long trips it’s essential to make a professional control. Watch the oil change and tires, but check also the car and other problems that might arise along the way. You must inspect the radiator and hoses, brakes, tire pressure, suspension system, and oil. It wouldn’t be wrong to take into account testing the battery, starter and the alternator.


One last check before departure

Don’t leave anything to chance! Just because you have recently had to deal with car service, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to be vigilant. Before leaving, check once again all fluids including engine oil and coolant from the radiator. Also, check the tire pressure and their condition and inspect the belts and hoses under the hood.


The air conditioning

If you travel in summer, you need an air conditioner running. Unless you plan to go by car only at night or very early morning, you undoubtedly need proper conditioning. If the air conditioner is cooling less than you should go to a mechanic. Charging the coolant could be everything you need to make things work properly.


Pack your bags intelligently

One of the most important steps in preparing your trip is the correctly packed luggage. This refers not only to the beach costume and cosmetics. You must ensure that your car is equipped with an emergency kit in case you deal with a flat tire somewhere. It should include water, blankets, non-perishable snacks, tow cables, and basic sanitary ware. Don’t forget the warning triangle and fire extinguisher!