Parking Your Car – What Are The Steps That You Should Follow

Parking Your Car – What Are The Steps That You Should Follow

Knowledge about parking a car is as important as knowing how to handle gear changing while driving. Slowly approach the spot that fits the dimension of your car to park it. Then position the car as properly in accordance with the available space and finally bring the engine to a halt. When you complete the parking, you should also take care of shifting the gear, applying the parking brake and finally position the wheels.

Parking Lot full of cars

Here are some of the tips that can help you understand the procedure to be followed while parking a car.

Walk Parking

When it comes to parking on the sidewalk, you must perfectly get in sync with the adjustments that have to be made, while proceeding towards the parking line. You can then set a course of a parallel bay with that of the image in your right side mirror while closing into the line. This helps you to stay in line and also offer a complete idea about when to stop reversing and bring the car to the halt.

Parallel Parking

When you enter a road or lane that is lined with different shopping centers and shops, you can find the cars parked in a parallel way. If you find a parallel spot for parking your car, then first you can start by signaling the other vehicles that you will be turning towards the parking spot, with the help of indicators. By slowing down, before reaching your spot there will be enough time for your fellow drivers to react accordingly. While positioning your car, make sure to keep a minimum 1-meter distance from the cars parked alongside to avoid damaging or scratching them, due to insufficient space.


Before moving forward or reverse or even sidewise while parking, make sure to adjust all the mirrors for a 360-degree view. Sudden accelerating might end up with colliding with the pedestrians or even with the cyclists or children and hence, a 360-degree view can always help you keep an eye on the complete locality till you park your car.


After positioning the car with the parking space, you can bring it to a complete halt by applying the brake and holding it till you shut the engine. This will help the pedestrians walking nearby and also the cyclists understand that you are parking your car and hence, they can proceed without waiting for you to accelerate.


New drivers will find it a little stressful in parking their car for the first few times because you do not desire to be responsible to hurt someone or their vehicle. Hence, always try and practice driving and parking either in your garage or parking space, which will help you to gain confidence in dealing with car parking in crowded parking lots.

Loosen the Seatbelt

While reversing the car, you will have to turn your head all around, since you do not wish to accidentally collide against the pedestrians, children, roadside trees, etc. Hence, make sure to either loosen or remove the seat belt for easy view till you park your car.

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