Perfect Car Parts for Hassle-Free Driving

Perfect Car Parts for Hassle-Free Driving
Your body is a complex combination of a number of parts and organs. Their functions are interdependent and therefore, every part of the body needs to be perfectly maintained. Similarly, your car, although looks simple and aesthetic externally, it is a complex combination of a number of parts and components that need to be perfectly maintained if you want a ‘hassle-free’ drive. The engine is the heart of your car that moves by ‘internal combustion’ of gasoline.

Car driving is not just putting on the switch and steering to anywhere you want. Your car may be hesitant to take you where to like to go if you do not take remedial measures at the right time. There are enough symptoms where your car may be saying, “I want intervening care”. From the symptoms briefed below, you should be able to know, which car parts need special attention or replacement.



  • If you are experiencing difficulties in steering in a straight line, some of the components of the steering wheel might have been worn out; such as the idler or the ball joint. The front wheels might have also been misaligned.
  • In case you find your car tending to pull to the right or to the left, it might be due to under-inflated tire. There might also be serious damage to misalignment of the front end.
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Ride and Handling

  • If you experience in cornering, it might be due to worn out shock absorbers or other components of the suspension. Replacement of shock absorbers or struts does not have any time-bounding. To be sure, you may bounce the vehicle up and down hard at each wheel and then leave it. If the shocks are weak, your car will bounce twice or more.
  • If one corner of your car lowers down, the springs need to be replaced.
  • If the tires are not balanced properly, your car may vibrate and may wear the steering and suspension components, calling for a premature replacement.



Defects in the brake could be diagnosed from the following symptoms

  • When you apply the brake, your car pulls you to one side
  • The pedal of brake sinks down to the floor when you press it
  • Scrapping or grinding sound is heard while putting the brake
Driving Brakes



You can smell a rat if the car engine shows the following symptoms.

  • Difficulty to start
  • Rough stalling or idling
  • Increase in fuel consumption
  • A drop in usual acceleration
  • Increased use of lubricating oil
  • Continued running of the engine even after taking out the key



The following are the symptoms of problems in the transmission

  • Abrupt shifting of gears
  • Non-response to gear shifting
  • Slipping during acceleration
Change of Gear


You may need immediate troubleshooting if you find malfunctioning of any of the car parts such as alternator, battery, starter, muffler, tune-up or court. Your perfect destination for ‘shooting’ any of the car defects mentioned above will be Car Part Kings, wherefrom you can get the best services for making your car perfect for a ‘hassle-free driving’.