Buying a Used Car – Private Sale or Dealership?

Buying a Used Car – Private Sale or Dealership?

If you are looking to buy a second-hand car, should you buy from a private seller or from a professional dealer?

The advantages of used car dealers

Second-hand car dealers hold several advantages compared to private sellers. Firstly, they may be able to offer you a warranty on your used car purchase. Secondly, they will be able to offer you a choice of cars and offer advice on which one is best for your own particular needs. Thirdly, dealerships can offer finance deals to help you with the cost of the car.

These days, most used car dealerships are trustworthy and have good reputations. Bear in mind when looking for a used car that prices will vary considerably depending on whereabouts in the country they are being sold from. For instance, the car dealers Dundee has to offer are likely to be able to offer more reasonable prices than car dealers in London.

The advantages of private sales

Private sales tend to be quite a bit cheaper than sales through dealerships. However, buying privately means that there is no chance of a warranty and sales tend to be very much ‘sold as seen’. Also, whereas dealers usually have their own mechanics to check their stock over and fix any problems, cars sold privately may have any number of minor glitches and may even have a major fault that is not apparent during the test drive.

All in all, car dealerships offer more advantages to the buyer than private sales normally do. Although private sales may be less expensive, the pitfalls of buying from an individual outweigh the cost savings in a lot of cases. Decent, reputable dealers are usually the best route to go down for those in the market for a new used car.

What’s Behind the Boom in Used Car Sales?

What’s Behind the Boom in Used Car Sales?

The used car market in the UK is currently booming. Here, we look at some of the reasons for the upturn in second-hand car sales as well as some of the advantages of buying a used vehicle.


Why is the second-hand car market doing so well?

One of the main reasons for the current popularity of used vehicles is the prevailing economic climate in the UK. Simply put, people are being more careful with the money they have and they also tend to be saving more in case of further economic decline. Brand new cars are becoming more of an expensive luxury than a matter of course.

But this isn’t the only reason that used car sales are doing so well; another is the increased reliability of modern cars. This has improved markedly over the last ten years or so and it is now common for cars with over 80,000 miles on the clock to perform just as well as they did when new. Cars made these days may well reach over 100,000 miles without developing any major faults, as long as they are looked after and serviced regularly of course. Clearly, this makes a used car a much more attractive proposition than the clapped out bangers of old.

Another reason is the improved reputation of used car dealers. The traditional ‘Arthur Daley’ types have been replaced with modern, professional vendors to whom reputation is everything. If you are unsure about whether a garage has a good reputation or not, it is worth looking online for impartial reviews from previous customers into their service and the experience they received.

Used cars are also made more attractive by the fact that more and more car makers are now offering transferable warranties with their new cars. In the past, a warranty only applied to the first owner but many can now be transferred to any subsequent owners within the duration of the warranty. The length of warranties has also increased with 7 year/100,000 mile warranties now available with some car brands.


What are the advantages of buying a used car?

The main and most obvious advantage of buying second hand is the reduced price. Even very low mileage cars can be picked up at a fraction of the new cost.

Further still, a used car will depreciate much less than a brand new one. This means that it will lose less of a proportion of its value over the same time period. So if you come to sell the car on after a few years, you shouldn’t lose out too much.

The second-hand car market can also offer a greater choice than the new market as all models and makes from years gone by are available.


Perfect Car Parts for Hassle-Free Driving

Perfect Car Parts for Hassle-Free Driving

Your body is a complex combination of a number of parts and organs. Their functions are interdependent and therefore, every part of the body needs to be perfectly maintained. Similarly, your car, although looks simple and aesthetic externally, it is a complex combination of a number of parts and components that need to be perfectly maintained if you want a ‘hassle-free’ drive. The engine is the heart of your car that moves by ‘internal combustion’ of gasoline.

Car driving is not just putting on the switch and steering to anywhere you want. Your car may be hesitant to take you where to like to go if you do not take remedial measures at the right time. There are enough symptoms where your car may be saying, “I want intervening care”. From the symptoms briefed below, you should be able to know, which car parts need special attention or replacement.



  • If you are experiencing difficulties in steering in a straight line, some of the components of the steering wheel might have been worn out; such as the idler or the ball joint. The front wheels might have also been misaligned.
  • In case you find your car tending to pull to the right or to the left, it might be due to under-inflated tire. There might also be serious damage to misalignment of the front end.
Woman in car giving thumbs up


Ride and Handling

  • If you experience in cornering, it might be due to worn out shock absorbers or other components of the suspension. Replacement of shock absorbers or struts does not have any time-bounding. To be sure, you may bounce the vehicle up and down hard at each wheel and then leave it. If the shocks are weak, your car will bounce twice or more.
  • If one corner of your car lowers down, the springs need to be replaced.
  • If the tires are not balanced properly, your car may vibrate and may wear the steering and suspension components, calling for a premature replacement.



Defects in the brake could be diagnosed from the following symptoms

  • When you apply the brake, your car pulls you to one side
  • The pedal of brake sinks down to the floor when you press it
  • Scrapping or grinding sound is heard while putting the brake
Driving Brakes



You can smell a rat if the car engine shows the following symptoms.

  • Difficulty to start
  • Rough stalling or idling
  • Increase in fuel consumption
  • A drop in usual acceleration
  • Increased use of lubricating oil
  • Continued running of the engine even after taking out the key



The following are the symptoms of problems in the transmission

  • Abrupt shifting of gears
  • Non-response to gear shifting
  • Slipping during acceleration
Change of Gear


You may need immediate troubleshooting if you find malfunctioning of any of the car parts such as alternator, battery, starter, muffler, tune-up or court. Your perfect destination for ‘shooting’ any of the car defects mentioned above will be Car Part Kings, wherefrom you can get the best services for making your car perfect for a ‘hassle-free driving’.

Four Things That You Can Do When You Have a Car

Four Things That You Can Do When You Have a Car

The advantages of owning a car extend beyond the mundane commute to work or trek to the supermarket. Car ownership offers the freedom to go where you want when you want and you want. Here are some of the top reasons that car ownership beats public transport.


Be Spontaneous

With a car at your fingertips, you can wake up one morning and go somewhere new. With a map or satnav you don’t even have to plan a journey in advance, just stick a pin in the map and head off to explore and discover. No pouring over timetables or route planners, no ticket booking or restrictions apply. Spontaneous journeys can be fun in themselves and the stunning scenery around Aberdeenshire cries out for exploration.


Be Adventurous

Honda Civic

The spirit of adventure burns in everyone’s heart and when you own a car any trip out can become an adventure. From castles and cliffs through to gardens and galleries, there are adventures to be had just a few miles from your door. You can easily drive to hundreds of destinations that public transport doesn’t reach and you can do it exactly when you want to. No waiting around and no restrictions.


Go Off-track

Cars With Numbers

One of the best things about driving your own car is that you make the decisions. Yes, you can be heading to an end destination, but you can decide how you get there. Going from A to B doesn’t always mean taking a straight through route; you can wind your way through pretty villages or along coastal roads and drink in the sights of the world around you. If you get a bit peckish or spot something curious along the way you can stop, fulfill your needs and then carry on at your leisure. If you’re feeling really adventurous you could even switch your vehicle to a 4×4 – then you can truly go off-track and explore less accessible parts of the county.


Load Up

Old Car

Cars can carry a lot more than just people. They can be loaded with belongings, making a day out that little bit easier to plan. If you fancy a picnic you can pack the boot with food, drink, blankets, and stools without the need to lug them very far or worry about how much you can carry. If you are not sure what the weather will do you can throw coats and boots in the back, safe in the knowledge that you are prepared for anything. And if you own a dog, you can transport him easily to brand new places for him to sniff and explore.


Things you can’t do with Public Transport

Public Transport

A life without a car can be very restrictive with no trips to the country, days on the beach or last-minute visits to old friends. Even the weekly shop is tricky without a car as you can be limited for choice and what you can carry.

An introduction to Changing Your Car’s Ignition Module

An introduction to Changing Your Car’s Ignition Module

Whenever a vehicle starts to stall or perhaps is otherwise hard to start, several potential issues spring to mind. Could it be a battery? Did the fuel line break? Would be the spark plugs faulty? The truth is, the ignition module might be damaged, a problem frequently overlooked and misinterpreted. For many motorists, the very best option would be to consider their vehicle right into a repair garage to be examined with an auto technician.


Your Ignition Module’s Operation

Essentially, an ignition module is really a device that transfers an indication in the distributor towards the ignition coil when the bottom line is switched, basically serving as a mediator.

A distributor is really a device that rotates the firing of spark plugs within the right firing order, creating the current produced through the ignition coil. The set up includes an insulated rotor mounted within the distributor cap the rotor is spun with a gear in the camshaft, therefore syncing it using the engine movement.

The ignition coil is definitely an induction coil that magnifies the conventional 12V creation of a vehicle battery as much as the number of 1000 volt range needed through the spark plugs. With respect to the kind of vehicle you are driving, one coil may serve multiple cylinders, growing the general reliability.


Simple Diagnostics

To be able to precisely determine whether the module is to blame, it must be examined in advance. For that do-it-yourself auto technician, several tools are in the marketplace for ignition module testing. However, these products can be quite costly, as well as intimidating for that novice grease monkey.

As noted above, the answer is to achieve the vehicle examined with a licensed auto technician. Although the auto technician determines to set up module is deterioration, but could explain other possible issues in case of a not yet proven diagnosis.


Technique Of Changing The System

When the module must be changed, several tools are essential. You will need vibrant overhead lighting, shop rags, pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, and also the vehicle’s service or user guide. The initial step in getting rid of that old set up would be to disconnect the battery. Second, locate the system using the manual, take away the screws, and disconnect the wires.

Next, remove any parts that stop accessibility module and thoroughly set them aside so that you can replace them easily later. Following this step, remove any brackets and screws, and remove that old set up.

To set up the brand new ignition, just repeat the removal process backward: mount it using the brackets and screws, re-install the nearby parts, after which reunite the unit towards the electrical system. At the end from the stray tools and parts are obvious, reunite battery and begin the engine to be able to test out your work.


The Need For A Auto technician

In reality, the entire process of changing this part is not complicated. Given enough focus on detail, most those who have done minor focus on their automobiles are capable of doing the removal and installation with no problem. Nevertheless, for those who have never done your vehicle, or feel uncomfortable about carrying out the task, possess a trained auto specialist to get it done for you personally.