Why buy a used car instead of a brand new one?

Why buy a used car instead of a brand new one?

If you are considering buying a car, it can be well worth looking into secondhand vehicles, especially in the difficult economic climate. Here we have a look at some of the advantages of secondhand vehicles.



The biggest advantage of used cars is their lower cost when compared to brand new cars. New cars use a large proportion of their value in their first one or two years. This means that there can be some great bargains out there as even low mileage vehicles can be on the market at very low prices.

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Secondhand cars are generally cheaper to insure than their new equivalents as they are considered to be less attractive to vandals and thieves and are less valuable to replace.

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Honest Car Dealers

Most major cities have plenty of reputable secondhand car dealers to choose from when it comes to Used Cars Birmingham for example, is known to have lots of honest and competitively priced vendors. Secondhand car dealers are much more trustworthy than they used to be and the industry is much more regulated.

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Lose Less Money

As used cars depreciate significantly more slowly than new vehicles you tend to lose more money when you come to sell your car down the line. Used car buyers will generally recoup a higher percentage of their initial outlay once they come to sell it on.

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More options

The used car market stocks a massive range of cars because it can include all cars from all years. Obviously, the new car market is much narrower in terms of choice. If you shop around then you should eventually be able to find most makes and models out there somewhere.

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Extended warranties

Manufacturers’ warranties used to only apply to the first owner of a car but these days more and more automobile makers are including transferable warranties with their used cars. Warranties are also getting longer in length with seven-year guarantees now provided by some manufacturers. This makes secondhand cars even more attractive. Some dealerships will also provide their own warranties.

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Modern cars are very very reliable and have a much longer life than could have been expected of cars produced 10 or 20 years ago. Again, this makes used cars more appealing and decreases the risk for seller’s wanting to include a warranty with their vehicle. Replacement parts are also much cheaper than they once were, especially for popular brands such as Ford.

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Because secondhand cars have been on the market for a while, any recurrent faults will have had time to surface. With new vehicles, any inherent faults will not have emerged yet.

Looking at the evidence above, it is hard to see a real reason why you wouldn’t opt for a secondhand vehicle. Some may worry about being ripped off but if you stick to a reputable seller and check the history of the car then there is no reason why buying used should be in any way risky.

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