Why Buy Genuine OEM Car Parts Over Cheaper Aftermarket Parts

Why Buy Genuine OEM Car Parts Over Cheaper Aftermarket Parts

If you’re either needing to carry out a repair on your vehicle or are simply looking to carry out routine maintenance in the form of a service, changing brake pads or even just an oil change, you’re generally faced with a few options. First things first, you can simply leave it to the professionals and take your car to your local garage (either the main dealer or your local independent garage), however, this can end up being costly and, with many of us facing a difficult few years financially, this can often be a struggle. Of course, the other, an increasingly more popular option, is to purchase the parts you need and carry out the work yourself. Whilst it will often take longer for you to carry out repairs and maintenance work on your car yourself, so long as you’re patient and spend time researching the best way to approach it, you shouldn’t run into any problems. It’ll save you a small fortune and, once you’ve completed the work, it’s a satisfying thing to have said you’ve done…even if it’s the smallest of jobs.

Of course, if you do decide to carry out repairs and maintenance yourself, you’ll generally need to purchase the parts before doing so and this is where many fall into needing to make a difficult decision. Whilst you’d think it was as easy as simply going out and buying the parts you need, you’ll need to choose whether you purchase genuine OEM parts or opt for aftermarket parts. However, if you just think of car parts like car parts and have absolutely no idea what the difference between OEM and aftermarket is, we’ve teamed up with genuine Honda parts dealer, Cox Motor Parts to take a look at this in a little more detail.


What Are OEM Parts?

Genuine OEM car parts are those manufactured or supplied by the vehicle manufacturer themselves. In order to purchase OEM parts you’ll need to buy either from the main dealer or an associated reseller and the parts available will ALWAYS be marked as either OEM or genuine. In short, OEM parts are those which were either in your vehicle as new or, in cases where they’re not available, those supplied as replacement parts by the manufacturer themselves.


What Are Aftermarket Parts?

Aftermarket car parts, on the other hand, are those which are classed as replacement parts but are NOT supplied by the vehicle manufacturer. Generally, any you buy which aren’t from the main dealer will be classed as aftermarket parts and you’ll usually find they’re a little bit cheaper. Of course, when you’re buying car parts, however, a price shouldn’t necessarily be the main buying point.

Aftermarket Parts


Why Buy OEM?

As far as we’re concerned, you should ALWAYS purchase OEM parts when carrying out repairs or maintenance on your car, if only for the fact that these are those guaranteed to maintain the level of performance. Why would you want to compromise the performance of your car for the sake of a few quid? It’s simple…you wouldn’t!

Whilst you may save a few quid here and there on the cost of aftermarket parts, in many cases, they won’t last as long as OEM parts and, as such, won’t work out cheaper in the long run.


Your vehicle was supplied with certain parts inside it so why risk using anything other than that which was intended to be in place?